the use of electronic media has a negative effect on personal relationships between people. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that the usage of electronic communication has a negative consequence on individual relationships between folks. In my opinion, I partially agree with
statement, and I will elaborate on it in
essay. On the one hand, our technology has developed, and people have invented many IT devices,
as smartphones and tablets.
As a result
, if some friends move to other countries, we can communicate with each other using those gadgets because there are various applications on those devices like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
For example
, some friends move to other nations, they need that country's mobile phone so they cannot call or message directly.
, we
those appliances and connect to them, which is beneficial for us.
, the adoption of electric media has some positive effects.
On the other hand
, those media have some negative effects. nowadays, most folks have IT apparatus so they can
the Internet and some communities install some messengers and communicate with their friends or colleagues.
, if they
those messengers, they cannot express their exact feelings or words, which leads to misunderstandings, and they will argue because of that.
For instance
, if people who work in the office must send messages to the boss because of office rules. But, sometimes, we make mistakes, but most bosses are very strict, so they will call them and give some punishments, which makes workers feel frustrated.
reason, the benefit of electric publishing has a negative effect. In conclusion, I partially agree with
topic. The
of electric communications has a negative effect on individual relationships,
, has a positive effect. So we should purpose that media carefully, and balance and that will be good not only for us but
for society.
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