People are behind fashion.What are the factors influencing fashion?Is it good to be fashionable?Discuss both the Pros and Cons.What your take?

developing world, a proportion of
give importance to fashion. because of some factors of influence. I strongly believe that it is beneficial for
who live in
modern culture.
essay is going to explain both views on the topic. On one hand, many folks are influenced by the cinema industry. Today's actors are used to wearing the Western style of dresses.They are influential
to the audience. Indian actors,
for instance
, introducing some of their beautiful clothes on Instagram and Facebook. so, a person is following them and inspired by them on Social media platforms.
, the audience is admired and tempted to wear
kinds of fashionable clothes and other accessories.
, citizens are fulfilling their dreams when they wear modern products.
On the other hand
, at the same time, the topic has some cons too. It will create a complex between rich and poor communities. Brand products,
for example
, wealthy individuals can buy the expensive clothes and costumes, when it comes to the poor, they cannot afford them.They feel mentally or emotionally weak. It may tend to obtain valuable items in an illegal way.Because of
Correct article usage
show examples
trend, the international industries are increasing their MRP price and selling to customers. A lot of middle-class families are disappointed by an injustice item value.
To conclude
essay explains both the pros and cons of
who are following fashion and why it is happening these days
, Fashion has a few drawbacks despite its advantages outweighing disadvantages.
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