The chart below gives some of the most reported issues among people living in UK cities in 2008 (%).

The chart below gives some of the most reported issues among people living in UK cities in 2008 (%).
The bar graph illustrates which sufficient problems had been faced by The UK residents in different 7
of Great Britain in 2008
, it is obvious that health services are the main problem for the vast majority of the livers in these
after education and training.
, air pollution is reported as a minor problem by citizens. Focusing on health-related issues, except in Glasgow, over half of the population in other
claim that the health service is poor.
, proportional numbers in Glasgrow are near others with approximately 48%.
On the other hand
the reports in Manchester, London and Cardiff are higher than the other four
with 15%, 13%, and 12% respectively, the proportional numbers were under one in ten among the others. Regarding educational and training issues, in 2008 reports, Newcastle with less than 45% and Manchester with nearly 44% had the best educational services.
, the worst percentages are presented from other zones with over 51%.
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