Overpopulation in urban areas has led to numerous problems. write problems of overpopulation and suggest solutions government and individuals can take to tackle this problem.

Overcrowding in city zones has been seen as an ample or many problem. Municipalities need to figure out these drawbacks by finding new tackles. To solve
complication, These should be decided the best solution by
Wrong verb form
show examples
for a person. Having found hindrances, overpopulation has been reduced nearly.
essay will see both sides. Nowadays' high problem is that, as written above increase in of people in the city. Well,
the reason for that, based on their job, they can not get enough money. Because of low payments, they are not able to feed their family.
In addition
, Many rural civils suffer from poorness which leads to divorce in some families.
, They moved to the municipal side.
, In urban areas,
as a consequence
of moving there, people may face too much traffic. Except for, these occur to have accidents.
as, In Uzbekistan,
Due to
there being a lot of transport, there will be damage to fresh air
in other words
in nature and a lot of crashes. And, Many borning, it causes to increase of the population. To lose circumstances, government members should create some comfortableness.
, In the rural district, Money must be well-paid. The next solution is that, after that, in the big cities, those who do need to go there.
, It will be declined unpleased events, As written above.
,the number of borning needs to be decreased which leads to living without drawbacks.
as in China, only two children are enough. If these are increased in pairs, The leader of the government will give one the possibility to think, which is related to their brightness. To summarise, Becoming a lot of civils is causing a number of stumbling blocks. To lose overpopulation, The leaders of the country ought to have seen many solutions to these.The first is an affordable fee in the neighbourhood. Next is that, Doing not exceed of new generation.
, in the city, many traffic situations are being reduced stage by stage.
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