Some people believe that only the Government can bring about significant changes in society while others believe that even an individual can have a lot of influence on society. What is your opinion on the above statement?

In today's world, making substantial changes in society has always been a major concern for every nation. Some believe that major changes must be taken by the
I believe that people have a huge impact on the development of countries. In
essay, I will discuss both views and give my opinion. The
can improve the country by introducing strict rules and laws to make people's lives safer.
For example
, the UK
makes wearing seat belts mandatory for all drivers and passengers. So if there are any accidents, the driver and passenger will be safe.
, the authority can develop the infrastructure of the country by making new roads, and bridges and improving public transport. So it will be easier for netizens to commute to and from work or school
governments do difficult and expensive work, it will be difficult to continue without people’s help and desire to save and improve their property. To illustrate, the US
constructed the cities to be modern but the citizens vandalized the whole city. So from being
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a beautiful
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city to
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a chost
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, raising people’s awareness can help improve air quality and reduce waste by recycling most of their waste.
For example
, people can use bikes or public transport
of their vehicles to reduce their footprint. In conclusion,
's changes in the country are crucial, change is more important. To improve and save the laws and infrastructure that are made by governments, and help
in other aspects like recycling.
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