Although there is a lot of translation software available, learning a language still could be advantageous. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, translation software gradually become popular.
, it is widely argued that there are still many advantages to learning a
. I totally agree, and my view will be explained in
essay. There are a host of compelling reasons as to why I am convinced that studying a
is still an irreplaceable option for each individual. The first reason is that it is very difficult to replace a
with translation software in reality. That's because, one side is tools, and the other side is knowledge. We need tools to access knowledge easily, but we cannot use them to replace knowledge.
For example
, to learn Reading skills in English, the Google Translate tool will help individuals a lot. When we do not understand the content of the article, we can use it as a study aid tool.
, Google Translate replacing English learning, is a different story. The second reason is that
is the key for individuals to connect with the world. In fact,
is a communication tool between people, be it between them in the same geographical area or in different countries.
, learning a tongue is a key factor, in helping us communicate with foreigners, learn about their culture and comprehensive international cooperation. Of course, we cannot always use support tools to talk to foreigners in the long term.
According to
a recent statistic from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education,
for instance
, the rate of university admission with international IELTS certificates is increasing,
as well as
the English subject's score spectrum in graduation exams has
improved significantly in recent years.
As a result
, it can be seen that students are aware of
learning right from their primary school. In conclusion, the benefits of linguistics are undeniable, as we need to clearly distinguish between
and its supporting software.
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