People are behind fashion.What are the factors influencing fashion?Is it good to be fashionable?Discuss both the Pros and Cons.What your take?

Nowadays, trends in
are widely spread
due to
the internet, because the
has become connected together. It is true that being a fashionable and trendy
is important because
will give an impression about you as a modern individual.
, it helps you to cope with developed communities. There are many factors that control
. One of them is social media. In today's life , posting new trends in
on any recognizable apps or websites creates great opportunities for products to widely spread across the
For example
, Instagram and Snapchat have become major advertisement programs that participate in sharing new designs and looks in a short time with less cost. Taking into account the huge number of clothing apps that in turn provide the customer with the latest produced clothes in markets. Marketing is a fundamental influencer in the
For instance
, companies are reaching people anywhere and anytime they want using multiple ways.
will aid in expanding their exposure to people which will result in increasing their customers. In my opinion , it is nice to be fashionable.
gives an idea of an open-minded
who communicates with the outside
, wearing new clothes designed by famous designers is evidence of a well-educated
who should be respected more by others.
, following the trends in clothing is important as it gives a picture of the
without saying a word.
, trendy clothing and
are always expensive.
not everyone can afford to buy them. Another disadvantage of being fashionable is that it limits someone's taste in clothing.
In other words
, you are under the control of the designers and you dress the way they want not the way you want. In ,fact being fashionable is not my cup of tea.
To conclude
, it is okay to be interested in
and to be aware of what is happening in that
, but it is wise to choose and create your own way of dressing.
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