Pollution is becoming a major environment problem. What are causes and solutions to solve this problem?

These days, pollution has become a fundamental environmental issue, especially in bigger and more populated cities, caused by rising transportation usage and industrial waste.
, people's quality of life has been gradually decreasing.
reason, precedents must be executed to combat the problem.
To begin
with, the two most major reasons which are related to the problem are the rising fossil-fuel vehicles and factories utilization.
, transportation powered by fossil has been increasing
due to
the population surge and the end of the work-from-home era. To give an example, the amount of traffic surged by 500% after the work-from-office policy in Jakarta. The rising industrial demand
drives the factories' utilization contributing to damaging excesses to the surroundings. Its final products that are mindlessly over-consumed by consumers
leave detrimental household waste. Despite
problem being so important, some possible solutions are mentioned by experts. In order to diminish the fossil-fuel vehicles, the
need to improve the mass public transportation accessibility and capacity.
, they can amend the gas subsidy policy and replace it with a tax subsidy for electric vehicle owners
For instance
, in Indonesia, the
eradicated the tax for electric vehicle owners to support its adoption.
, the
set a clear policy of sustainability responsibility for companies to minimize the effects of their industrial activities. Of course, their efforts must be evaluated and monitored closely by appointed officials to prevent companies from greenwashing. Not only the
people should apply mindful purchase behaviour and support recycled and reusable goods. Rather than consuming plastic mineral water,
for example
, people can start bringing their own bottles. In conclusion, the
, hand in hand with households, must take action to combat air pollution and its destructive effect on life's quality. Some valuable methods are supporting electric vehicle adoption, monitoring companies's CSR activities, and consuming recycled products. Should these precedences be executed together, the world would be a better place to live in.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • pollution
  • environmental problem
  • causes
  • solutions
  • industrial emissions
  • vehicular emissions
  • improper waste disposal
  • deforestation
  • stricter environmental regulations
  • renewable energy sources
  • waste management systems
  • planting
  • trees
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