Some people believe that if a child commits a crime, he or she should be punished, while others think it is the child’s parent who should be punished. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some people believe that youngsters should be punished
others think the offspring's guardians should be sentenced. I believe,
, parents
as well as
children are equally responsible for
due to
possible reasons and the following paragraphs will expatiate both stances with lucid examples.
To begin
with, on the one side, those who believe the juvenile should receive some punishment for doing wrong argue that it is important to hold minors accountable for their actions.
, punishment is beneficial because it teaches them about the consequences of their behaviour. Children,
for example
, who are suffering from the habit of shoplifting will become the reasons for doing high-level crimes like murderers, and kidnappers, if not controlled on time.
, it is necessary to give the punishments in advance to secure their future. On the other side, a few folks think that the father or mother is responsible for the offspring's actions since they didn't focus on them
shaping their behaviour. To explain
, teenagers cannot make good decisions at an early age,
, guardians play a crucial role in supervising and providing a nurturing environment. To illustrate, parents should guide their children in advance that driving a car without a license can not be acceptable by law authorities,
in addition
, it will not affect them but
their loved ones, so, they should think before doing wrong.
To conclude
, there is a big debate about punishing juveniles or fathers or mothers to control criminal activities. A few folks believe that there should be a child penalty to teach them,
other argues guardians should as they are not performing their duties well
raising them.
, I believe they both should be penalised based on the crime
as parents should be sentenced if they give a car to a minor age to drive.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • commit a crime
  • be punished
  • hold someone accountable
  • deter
  • similar crimes
  • responsibility
  • consequences
  • shape behavior
  • guidance
  • supervision
  • nurturing environment
  • fulfill parenting duties
  • deterrent
  • motivate
  • accountable
  • criminal behavior
  • teach about responsibility
  • address shortcomings
  • parenting abilities
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