Many scientists believe that now we can study the behavior of a three-years-old child to see whether they will grow up to be criminals.To what extend do you think crime is determined by human nature?Is it possible to stop children from going up to be criminals?

Numerous experts assert that, in recent times, it is possible to assess the conduct of a child at the age of three to understand whether or not they will become criminals in their adulthood. In my opinion,
some personal characteristics can cause
to commit a crime, education and parental upbringing play a role in preventing
from criminal activities.   Engaging in criminal activities can result from some personal traits.
, when acting as selfish and arrogant
, individuals may consider a right for themselves to carry out any activity without considering regulations or even others' advice.
For example
, in Vietnam, studies indicated that criminals who were arrested presented rarely  disciplined behaviour during their childhood
due to
the schools' records.
, as
may be irresponsible in both their social and personal lives, they are less likely to think about their social status,
not respecting
or others' rights. Ultimately, because
may be brought up with the features of impatience and intolerance, they may be unable to handle hard situations, especially  economic issues, leading to a temptation to satisfy their needs illegally.   Notwithstanding, teachers and parents should take the responsibility to teach
to abide
. In the first place, as a school is like a minor society to live life, teachers should set the rules for the classes, which if
do not follow, they will be confronted with a mild punishment. Students,
, will practise to respect
to avoid negative consequences.
, were
not to come from a family where the parents themselves broke
, they would not be potentially prepared to ignore regulations in society.
is because there is a  close between parental upbringing and
's personality.
For instance
, in accordance with a study in Japan, a large proportion of criminals belonged to unstable families which had experienced crimes to accommodate their needs.
, parents should be extremely concerned about the environment, in which
are brought up.   In conclusion,
it may be acceptable  that
with a few characteristics have more potential for offensive behaviour, it is hard to deny the roles of families and schools to learn how to respect
as well as
citizens' rights.
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