Throughout the history, people dream to live in a perfect society while they haven’t agree how the ideal society would be like. What is the most important element you think to make a perfect society? How do people do to achieving an ideal society?

Most people in the world have a dream to live in an ideal society and lead a happy meaningful life.
, they do not have the same idea about what a perfect civilization would look like. I personally think that there are two indicators that can measure the perfection of a society in the modern world: proper infrastructure and employment opportunity.
essay discusses these factors and the ways to achieve that ideal association followed by examples.
, a perfect community must possess robust infrastructure and efficient services to meet the fundamental needs of its inhabitants. Take folks living in Melbourne as an example, Melbourne is claimed as the most livable city in the world and the citizens can be classified as living an ideal way of life.
city boasts a multitude of modern foundation elements, including state-of-the-art public health centres, schools, bus stops, and various other essential facilities.
, the city offers excellent services at the airport and local government offices. These optimal conditions are made possible when citizens consistently pay their taxes and adhere to the established regulations. Tax revenue serves as a valuable resource for developing sophisticated public facilities. When the community follows these regulations, they can expect high-quality sustenance for its residents.
, An ideal community requires an ample number of job opportunities to cater for the demands of its people. Adequate job prospects provide individuals with a satisfactory income and the promise of a promising career. Take Los Angeles,
for instance
, where the majority of the population dedicates a significant portion of their time to work and enjoys favourable financial conditions.
a scenario can be established within a society if its citizens are encouraged to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship opens up new employment avenues, ultimately reducing unemployment rates and fostering economic growth. In conclusion, a perfect civilization must possess comprehensive infrastructure, essential servings, and ample employment opportunities.
condition can be cultivated through tax contributions, policy compliance, and the creation of job opportunities by entrepreneurs.
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