Juvenile deliquency is on rise today. in our modern times , more and more adolescents are commiting crime. what are the possible reasons? is there any solution to this problem?

In our modern-day society, increasing adolescent
has become a severe social problem that needs to be tackled. Some
might say that many sectors in our society are responsible for
undesirable phenomenon.
, what might be the reasonable approaches to
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with these young offenders? What contributes most to the rise in teenage
must be modern distractions. With the help of widespread online technologies, children and teenagers
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exposed to sensational and immoral content indiscriminately.
For instance
, on social media, not only can they quickly find out how to buy drugs but
how to deceive others through online fishing and make money out of it.
, lack of discipline in school is
partially accountable for driving youngsters towards
. Compared to the past, far fewer punishments are now performed in schools, thereby losing an effective deterrent in preventing students from future wrongdoing.
On the other hand
, there are several arguments over how young criminals should be treated. Some
might say they need harsher and stricter punishments regardless of age,
as sentencing them to several years in jail,
others focus on rehabilitation to give them a second chance.
, most
agree about how responsible organizations, like schools, need to treat these young offenders when they return to society after having done their time. First and foremost, parents and teachers must pay more attention to adolescents' Internet use to not let them get misled by online crimes.
In addition
, they need to be instructed in the legal responsibilities at schools. If adolescent offenders isolated in juvenile correction facilities had been taught what results would have come after committing the crimes, they would not have made
bad decisions on impulse.
To sum up
, young
are overwhelmed by various Internet content enticing them to commit crimes.
, the importance of proper parenting and education regarding ethics and morals cannot be overestimated in preventing youth
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