In many cities, planners tend to arrange shops, schools, offices and homes in specific areas and separate them from each other. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

It is observed that commercial, educational, business and residential areas are split these days. In
essay, I will demonstrate that the advantages of
establishment supersede the downsides.
To begin
with, some people believe that
kind of
division leads to great repercussions. For one thing, citizens have to move far distances to do some essential life activities, except for the residential objective,
as shopping and commuting, driving a car. Basically, they can do nothing within the range where they can move on foot.
, without cars, people can feel
Wrong verb form
show examples
For example
, not only should the parents pick up their children at school but
inhabitants should always bring a car when they go to a market.
, it gives rise to traffic congestion in the office areas because of long-distance commuters. In spite of the demerits mentioned above, there are some benefits to the
plan where blocks are split for specific purposes.
, the quality of the dwelling rises, evading undue noise pollution.
is because the living sections are segmented from other sections which arouse clamorous streets.
, even development over the whole
is possible, reconstructing the balanced
structure. If shopping malls, schools, or offices are concentrated in a particular region, the deviation of the quality of life between the regions becomes wider.
, separating a
by specific objective makes all citizens enjoy the benefits of the renovated
. In a nutshell,
it is clear that
there are some drawbacks to the tendency of the latest
plan, the merits related to residential and developmental reasons seem to continue to overbalance the disadvantages.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • spatial organization
  • urban sprawl
  • economic development
  • congestion
  • efficient land use
  • noise pollution
  • mitigating
  • amenities
  • reliance on vehicles
  • commute times
  • socioeconomic groups
  • diversity
  • sense of community
  • mixed-use spaces
  • sustainable urban lifestyles
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