In many countries, the number of animals and plants is declining. Why do you think this is happening? How can this issue be solved?

Nowadays, a considerable decline in the world's biodiversity is noticeable in several countries. Preaching and human habituation are considered to be the most common drivers of
issue which can be addressed through implementing the following measures.
To begin
due to
the acceleration in population surge and rising demands for resources, illegal hunting has been adopted more than ever, making it the first and foremost reason for
issue. poses a significant threat to wild habitats. Killing distinct animals
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is not only leading to a decline in the plantation of the lands but
exacerbating animals' breeding rates.
For instance
, the Egypt
have declared that more than a risk of
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due to
massive preaching.
, the rising population ratio has resulted in great deforestation in order to make way for civilization. To indicate, A great proportion of the forests in the north of Iran has been cleared for agricultural purposes, prior to making them less fertile.
, because of the high utilization of Fossil fuel sources for electricity generation which leads to great emissions of CO2 have
Verb problem
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in the extinction of massive amount of flora and fauna.
is happening because of the great pollution caused by a considerable amount of CO2 in the air, making breathing and staying alive for species difficult.
the issue brings great concern, it can be tackled by adopting several resolutions. At
should be held accountable for
illegal activities.
, they should organize guards to protect endangered areas, prior to elucidating illegal wildlife trade. For incidence, Australia's environmentalists recruited by the
have established a well-known organization to teach a small number of villagers how to preserve their region from outrageous hunters.
, there are
some people-centred measures which can be conducted
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like appreciating the use of more renewable energies
in addition
, to housing themselves away from animal habitats to lower the deforestation ratio.
To conclude
, with the rise in civilization and
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demands, deforestation and pollution have become the most vital
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of the worldwide biodiversity decline.
, it could be addressed through methods by both people and the
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