The only reason for people working hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often said that money is the sole driver behind one’s diligence and tenacity. I completely agree with
idea and I’m going to explain some reasons below.
, one of the main reasons is that earning money should be the top priority for individuals to make a living and meet fundamental needs for themselves.
, it seems logical that without salaries as the ultimate objective, any concerns about leading a good quality of life or having improved living standards may become irrelevant.
, people
hold responsibility for maintaining financial stability in their families
along with
tax payments to the government.
For example
, by earning a decent amount of income, not only could parents provide their children with proper education and good care, but their contribution to the sustainable growth of the nation's economy
matters, given that their tax would later be allocated for other essential sectors
as health, education or environment preservation.
On the other hand
, maximizing wages is most likely not the only aim when pursuing a career. One significant motivator driving the diligence of people might simply be enthusiasm and strong desires that they genuinely dedicate to their job.
can be commonly seen among artists and freelancers who place a relatively strong emphasis on the appreciation of beauty and their making of masterpieces
of making a fortune. In conclusion, I believe that making money is presumably not the only purpose of people working industriously but job interests ought to be taken into consideration as well
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