Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, abd have health problems as a result. Why do man working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem?

Nowadays, the majority of people are not performing any activities that can reduce health-related issues
due to
less awareness and busy schedules.
, these problems can be solved by implementing proper solutions
as free education and flexible schedules.
essay will describe both issues
as well as
solutions in the following paragraphs with lucid examples.
To begin
with, the foremost reason for not doing physical activities is their busy schedules which means, in the expensive world, a number of people are working hard to fulfil their basic needs. 80% of the population,
for instance
, are working more than half of their day which ultimately makes them tired.
, they do not prefer to do any exercise in their daily lives.
In addition
, less awareness can be another reason for not doing movements. To explain
, millions of human beings are not aware of the benefits of mental exercise like meditation to reduce mental pressure which can cause several health problems like brain attacks. These issues can be tackled by using a few techniques.
, there should be some flexibility in the work,
, the employees can give a couple of hours to their bodies.
, there should be free gym memberships for those employees who work full-time in companies. In Germany, to illustrate, a growing number of factories have a gym to use before or after the job which cannot only save time but
reduce the financial burden of the workers.
, providing free sessions on the benefits of exercise can be another method to resolve
problem. Taking the example of Canada, the government are providing free education on home exercises to control diseases like diabetes.
To conclude
, a number of humans are not active in their personal lives
due to
several reasons namely busy hours and less awareness.
can be mitigated by applying some methods,
for example
, free information and flexible working hours.
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