Write a letter to a friend expressing your interest to seek employment in a different country. Your letter should include: – Why you want to work in a different country – What type of work you will be looking for – Questions you have about working in a different country that your friend may be able to answer

Dear Sumon, I hope you are in sound health and doing well. I am writing
letter to inform you about my interest in seeking a suitable
in a developed country like
, where you have been living since 2022. As you know, I have obtained an MBA major in Human Resource Management from Independent University
Correct your spelling
, I have been working for a multinational manufacturing company as a human resources manager since 2018. I know that
is a developed country, and educated and skilled people are always welcomed in
developed country.
, I strongly believe that my current
experience and educational qualifications are good enough to find a good
in a related sector. Basically,
reason, I am interested in immigrating to
with a work permit. As you have been there for a long time, I have one question to ask you regarding the working rules and regulations in
. Is a human resources manager
available in
considering the current economic crisis all over the world? I am looking forward to your kind reply and advice. Warm wishes, Faisal
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logical structure
Ensure that your letter follows a clear and logical structure. Consider ordering your ideas to improve flow and understanding.
greeting and closing
Your greeting and closing are appropriate, but making them more personalized and less formal might enhance the overall friendliness of the letter.
single idea per paragraph
You've maintained a single idea per paragraph, which is good. However, you could elaborate more on your experiences or expectations to create fuller paragraphs.
complete response
You have directly addressed all three points required by the task. Well done. To enhance your response, consider giving a bit more detail on each point.
suitable writing tone
The tone of your letter is suitably semi-formal, which is appropriate for a letter to a friend. Keep this consistent throughout your writing.
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