Children at secondary school are often taken on visits to museums,zoos and concerts and sometimes even to other countries.What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of such visits are?

Nowadays, secondary schools often organize several excursions to visit museums, zoos and historical sites.
trips frequently bring a variety of benefits to students.
, there are
a few downsides to these visits. Speaking of disadvantages, journeys are conducted with a certain charge, and parents of
have to pay for it.
the price of these tours normally is not too expensive, not every family can afford it.
, there are some
who will be not able to attend the travels with their friends, and
could cause several negatives
as those kids feeling complex, or limited communication...
In addition
, these trips usually need a lot of time for preparation, and
takes time away from real learning if the
must visit many places. Regarding the positive aspects, there are many advantages that the
acquire after the excursions. The main benefit is the amount of knowledge that the
For example
, when they visit the museum relating to arts, they can enjoy a lot of beautiful and famous paintings and information about authors as well.
, if the kids go to a zoo that enables them to see a range of animals in person, they can find out details through daily activities of those species like habit or behaviour.
, the
will not feel bored with these real lessons, which in turn are not only more effective than learning in school but
can make fun, memorable time over the period for all pupils. In conclusion, as we have seen, the upsides outweigh the downsides of these excursions. The
learn more information in reality,
as well as
experience memorable trips.
, secondary schools should consider noticeably decreasing the price of
visits or even organising them for free so all the students are able to access lots of useful information and have unforgettable experiences.
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