Some people say that the amount of noise that people make should be strictly controlled. Others say that people should be free to make as much noise as they wish. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There is an increasing concern about the level of
generated by
some consider it should be controlled by authorities, others think the choice to make
should be respected.
According to
my opinion, high levels of sound can have a deleterious effect on health,
, it is an essential part of human life that cannot be avoided. Intense and loud sounds have the potential to shatter the serenity and peace of our surroundings. When
produce as much
as they wish, they are not acknowledging the limits and special needs of their communities.
As a result
, those
affected by the
may consider it as a potential and inimical factor to develop stress.
, they believe the only way to get to an agreement is to make serious choices like restringing it by implementing laws.
On the other hand
, music and sounds play a main role in our lifestyles.
, minimizing traditions and customs rich in music is almost impossible.
For instance
, in regional festivities like The Barranquilla’s Carnival, music has been used for decades as a tool to express the feelings, history, and experiences their communities have had.
, I acknowledge that
pollution has the potential to detrimentally impact not only human physiology but
the well-being of other animals. In fact,
kind of pollution is responsible for many
Change the noun form
show examples
as hearing impairment, high blood pressure, and even anxiety.
In addition
, it
Change the verb form
show examples
pain to the eardrums of other domestic animals. As an example, on special occasions when fireworks are used to express happiness, they may be restrained to lessen these effects. In conclusion, it is constantly debated if the sound should be controlled or if
should have the freedom to produce it as much as they consider it appropriate. In my opinion,
sounds are a great part of our celebrations, they
should be measured.
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