Some people think all lawbreakers should be sent to prison, while others think there are better alternatives for those whose crimes are minor, such as making them do work for the local community. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some individuals argue in favour of incarcerating all criminals,
others believe that more effective alternatives exist for people with minor offences. In
essay, I will explore both perspectives and express my opinion, which aligns with the latter viewpoint. Some people advocate for the incarceration of all criminals, asserting that it is imperative for maintaining public security and upholding justice. They contend that imprisonment acts as a deterrent to potential criminals and ensures that offenders face the consequences of their actions.
, imprisonment serves as a safeguard by physically isolating people who have committed serious crimes from
For instance
, consider a case of serial theft. By incarcerating the offender, the public is shielded from
thefts and potential harm. Without imprisonment, these culprits might persist in their severe criminal behaviour, endangering public safety.
On the other hand
, proponents of alternative measures for minor crimes argue that not all offenders need to be incarcerated. They suggest that for those who have committed non-violent or minor offences,
work or other forms of vocational training can be more effective. These measures can help culprits make amends, contribute positively to their communities and reintegrate into
as law-abiding citizens — a perspective with which I concur.
service programs are often more cost-effective than incarceration. Rather than burdening taxpayers with the expenses of housing individuals in prison, culprits work for the
, undertaking tasks
as cleaning public spaces, assisting in public centres, or participating in environmental conservation projects.
way, they contribute their labour to
, vocational training plays a pivotal role in reintegrating former offenders into
. These programs provide hands-on experience, certifications, and connections to potential employers, thereby enhancing the chances of gaining employment post-release. By securing meaningful work, individuals attain financial independence and find purpose, significantly decreasing the likelihood of relapsing into criminal activities. In conclusion,
prison plays a crucial role in addressing serious offences, alternative sanctions like
service and vocational training can be more effective for minor crimes. Striking a balance between punitive actions and rehabilitation is essential for fostering a
that is
both secure and supportive.
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