Some people believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoo while others think that zoo are both entertainment and fun, discuss both the views and give Ur opinions.

All over the world, there are people who think that keeping animals in zoos is wrong and people who think it is not a negative action . I will present both views and
I will give my opinion in the following paragraphs.
,a large number of individuals believe that it is fun and educative to see creatures from all over the globe. They go to the zoo to see different species they have never seen before ,
as gorillas or elephants. Some adults consider zoos educative places from where they have fun with their children
learning new information about the adaptation mechanisms of different species .
For example
, a boy can find out how lions find food .
, just hearing the sounds that some species produce is a unique experience for the young.
, there is the other part of the population which thinks that keeping animals in zoos destroys their lives. They can't live in their ordinary habitat and can't fulfil their life purpose. Finding food will no longer be a problem for captured mammals , and they will not need to fight to survive. I agree that keeping them in an artificial sanctuary just for us ,individuals, to have fun once a year is a wrong action because these animals had a life before and we have no right over nature.
For instance
, a family of lions can be destroyed if humans take the leader . In conclusion, I believe that keeping creatures in captivity just for us, humans, to entertain ourselves is a bad thing not only because we stop them from living a normal growth, but
because we torment them.
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