Some people think news has no connection to people’s lives. Therefore, it is a waste of time to read the newspaper and watch television news programs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

According to
some, it is unnecessary to update
in newspapers or television programs because it has no involvement in people’s lives. To a certain extent, I disagree with
point of view and
essay will give
explanations. On the one hand, there are some relatively useless genres of
but the public is paying too much attention to them.
, the media reports a tremendous amount of information on celebrities on a daily basis in order to meet the demands of many young people, even when the
is worthless. In fact, many adolescents are intrigued by the scandal of a rap star or the marriage of two famous singers
it has no connection with their lives and evidently makes no benefit to them.
, there is more and more bad
with sensational titles and controversial content that have no other aim than to attract views.
For example
, it might be entertaining to read or watch the
about a jealous assault in public but
it is clear that
sort of information has no value.
On the other hand
, the public can take significant advantage of
in many respects. First of all, people can broaden their general knowledge by watching or reading reliable sources of
. As society continuously evolves, so does humanity's knowledge;
, without reading or watching the
, the understanding of the public will be out of date and insufficient.
In addition
, several
have practical benefits and relate directly to the public.
For example
, some health bulletins give important information about the location of dengue fever outbreaks
as well as
viable protection from mosquitoes so that the residents can be aware of the threat they are facing in order to make appropriate preparations. In conclusion,
many young people nowadays are focusing on redundant
about celebrities or sensational stories,
Change the capitalization
show examples
believe that there are certainly numerous
that are helpful and closely related to the public.
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