Some people believe that professionals, such as doctors and engineers, should be required to to work in the country where they did their training. Others believe they should be free to work in another country if they wish. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

An array of masses argue that individuals who are doing professional jobs like engineering and healthcare services must remain and serve the
where they are educated because it is their responsibility to cater their service at least for some duration for the
who paid for their education indirectly
others say they should have the freedom to migrate and work as they like since it is their right to choose a place to work.
, in my opinion, they both are significant and need to be decided in a balanced way. The main reason that emphasizes the professionals to render their payback at least for some years, is the budget which the government has spent for their training
that it is their responsibility to pay back what they received from the society they belonged.
For example
, it takes more than 10 million rupees to graduate a qualified doctor which is the tax paid by the common
of the
. So, even if he works in the
for a short period of time, it adds great value to the community.
On the other hand
, those professionals
need to have their own personal life decisions as they have different needs to fulfil for their own and for their families because it is a basic human right. So, if they decide to migrate, it should be accepted with honour.
For instance
, if an engineer marries a girl from another
he has to go there because of their future aspects.
, every person should be given equal rights to select a place to live or serve despite of their job. In conclusion, in my point of view, it is more morally ethical to stay in the
for even a little time period where
train for some special careers like engineering and doctors in order to serve the
who rendered their money for their education,
, if they wish to work in another destination, we should accept their wills too because it is their democracy.
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task achievement
While you have addressed the task, there's room to develop your main points further. Include more detailed examples to substantiate your arguments. Ensure that your opinion is consistent throughout and back it up with stronger reasons.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • professionals
  • doctors
  • engineers
  • required
  • training
  • home country
  • cultural
  • linguistic
  • advantages
  • economic impact
  • free
  • another country
  • globalization
  • international collaboration
  • improving
  • skills
  • knowledge
  • experience
  • opinion
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