Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has change because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?

Technology plays a vital role in maintaining the relationship with communities. Individuals are now dependent on smart devices and social media to enhance relationships. I believe that positive developments are noticeable. First of all, the accessibility of social media drives people to change the direction of their relationships. Previously, societies were concerned about the contact between the same groups. Nowadays, they try to think out of the box. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are assisting in making friendships.
For example
, facebook gives the opportunity to make friends with different cultures. More specifically, a Bangladeshi can make the friendship with a European one without any interruption, and be able to delve into his culture. The main advantage of making
liaison is to lessen the cultural barrier.
, people can take advantage of cultural diversity and make the world a global village.
, they are well informed about the updated world and synchronised with it.
, pupils can get the chance to enrol in different universities around the world by making good relationships with professors.
For instance
, students from developing, or poor countries are admitted into the best universities in developed countries. More precisely, pupils from Bangladesh are going to the USA, Europe, or the UK for higher studies.
On the other hand
, there are some negative impacts, like detaching from own culture. Youngsters in Bangladesh,
for example
, are habituated to the Western culture.
, they are not aware of their prehistoric events. They are always interested in that norm and try to adapt to that. In conclusion, it can be said that though it has both positive and negative impacts on human lives, positive improvements are remarkable.
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