It is often thought that an increase in juvenile crime can be attributed to violence in the media. To what extent do you agree or disasgree ?

It is often said that violence in the media relates to an increase in youth crime.
writer agrees with
statement because the various kinds of violent news are hard to control and it is hard to release how they affect people. It must be understood that with the improving technology, publishing from anywhere in the world can be easily consumed.
For example
, we can see the NBA, the competition of basketball in America, in another continent, Asia, which is very far from it.
, even though there is still useful information, we can not avoid interacting with bad knowledge.
In addition
, teenagers have a lot of free time and using social media or other kinds of entertainment,
as watching films or listening to music, is one of the most impressive ways to waste that time. Another point to take into consideration is the method of effect's radio, which is really hard to release. As more time young people spend, as less communication they are.
According to
some research on prisons, young crime was autism,
there were always some people ready to help them, their parents, and friends,... They rejected all of them and did not release that they were affected by the publishing.
, teenagers are not mature enough to escape from
situation. In conclusion, the large amount of television affects various aspects to create a young atrocity. That's why, violence in media is one of the main reasons for to increase in the rate of young breaches.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • juvenile delinquency
  • media desensitization
  • aggression
  • parental supervision
  • media consumption
  • critical media literacy
  • socio-economic conditions
  • family environment
  • psychological issues
  • international comparisons
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