In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in. What are the reasons for this? How can people research this?

Currently, people have more curiosity about the history of the
they inhabit. There are many explanations
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for why
show examples
dwellers want to acquire
, the documentation could be found on paper or virtually
as well as
there is an increasing population that
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. In
essay, I will explain why and how to investigate
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in which humankind lives. To start with, it is crucial to know about the quality of the land where societies reside in order to establish what type of buildings could be constructed or measurements that should be taken into account.
For example
, Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia, was built above a lake
that is
well-known as 'Arzobispo'.
, there are many regions with a myriad of muddy waters.
, people must deeply know the events that have been
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through the evolution of those
, and
evaluate what are the proper materials to re-built and the infrastructure
that is
allowed to
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be constructed
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in a specific spot.
, there are many resources with high-quality references where people can search the evidence.
For instance
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the Internet
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has become a cutting-edge tool in which most of the
is widely found, not only scientific papers and books of history but
personal experiences.
, in the City, governments have safely kept the most preponderant guidelines of
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ancient times.
For example
, the 'Agustin Codazzi' is a corporation located in Bogota where records and maps
are save
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are saved
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and it is open to the whole population.
To sum up
, there is
a significant
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significant information
a piece of significant information
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that should be known by the population if they want to live safely.
, acquiring knowledge about
where communities live is remarkable and represents
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a sense
the sense
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of belonging.
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coherence cohesion
Ensure each paragraph contains only one main idea to enhance clarity. For instance, separate the reasons for wanting to know the history of the house from methods of research into different paragraphs.
coherence cohesion
Use transition words more effectively to link ideas within paragraphs. This will make your essay flow more smoothly.
task achievement
Dive deeper into each point to make your arguments more compelling and detailed. Providing a variety of perspectives can enrich your essay.
coherence cohesion
You have a clear introduction that outlines the points you will discuss in the essay, and a conclusion that summarizes your main ideas well.
task achievement
You provided relevant specific examples, such as Bogota and the 'Agustin Codazzi' corporation, which helps illustrate your points effectively.
task achievement
The essay addresses both parts of the task adequately, discussing the reasons why people are interested in the history of their houses and how they can research this information.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Historical research
  • Genealogy
  • Architectural styles
  • Heritage
  • Relics
  • Oral history
  • Archival records
  • Museum exhibits
  • Historical societies
  • House tours
  • Renovation projects
  • Original blueprints
  • Careful documentation
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