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There was an ignited debate in recent years to argue for the importance of educational setting. Opponents to orthodox perspective did believe that the qualities that could pave the way for success were collected from other environments rather than traditional expertise. In my humble opinion, the university has partly contributed to one’s sweet fruits, other required abilities come down from real-life practices.
The safety of the youth is argued by many to be pivotal to the societies’ development and well-being. Adolescents, in some regions of the United States, are placed under a curfew, forbidding them from being outdoors without the supervision of a fully-grown person during a late-night hour. From my vantage point, having this time limit can be highly beneficial for both teens and the society.
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There is no doubt that companions play a vital role on an individual lifestyle. While many people believe that it is necessary to make friendship with those who have a similar point of view. Others argue that it is essential to maintain friendship with people who hold different thoughts. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument, and explain my support for the latter view.
There are various kinds of drugs and Tobacco is one of them and there is no restriction to the people to use it. There is an argument that compared with other drugs such as Heroine and Pathedrine, tobacco should be banned. This essay totally disagrees with this view because nicotine has a different impact on human than other drugs and it can be used for health treatment. In my opinion, it is better to make a new regulation than banning.
There is no doubt that the ancient premises are part of heritage for any civilization. While nowadays in several metropolitan towns longstanding structures are under demolition, in order to provide adequate area for ultra modern residential schemes. I strongly agree with this initiative, and will support my opinion in subsequent paragraphs.
Correspondents and news reporters are, invariably, influencing the life of the general people by applying positive methods, which show a positive sign, while some people would think that the influences come from news readers, are quite ineffective. In my opinion, whatever media telecasts on air, it benefits the public through changes in the community.
It is a controversial issue as to whether adolescents ought to follow the convention of their ancestors, or, whether they had better raise questions on orthodox and other beliefs of older people. From my perspective, young generation excepts those thoughts of predecessors, which is essential in everyday life and rejects those sorts of beliefs that hamper them.
It is often argued that entertainers are more influential and prime characters of the society by many people. However, I believe that scientists have greater importance than entertainers.
Purchasing on the internet has become increasingly popular over the latest decade. Thanks to this, there is a widely spread belief that the next generations will no longer see physical stores on the streets. From my perspective, despite the clear relevance of e-commerce nowadays, buying virtually does not fulfil all the necessities of clients to replace all retail stores.
At present, myriads of people endeavour to bring congruity between office jobs and individual activities, which is often disturbed for not maintaining a proper schedule of life. These issues of human begins should be resolved by giving work equilibrium in life.
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Environmental problems like climate change and the greenhouse effect are increasingly becoming the topic in most conferences and forums. Although a school of thought to think that increasing fuel prices for automobiles would solve these problems, I strongly disagree with this view. This essay will argue that this option will not only negatively affect the cost of living of low-income earners, but also, it will be a wrong approach to solving climate change issues.
There is no doubt that libraries are crucial to develop a reading culture in society. Although some people believe that public libraries are not essential anymore, while others argue that they still play a vital role to enhance knowledge. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the latter view.
Having a balance diet, exercising, and avoiding stressful situations are widely accepted as essential keys to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For those living in a tropical country as Brazil, enjoying the warm weather and typical cuisine of the region have paramount importance to their well-being.
It is a controversial issue as to whether pupils ought to study in a cohort, or, whether they should practice lessons in a quiet place without the interruption of others. From my perspective, both the methods of concentration are quite fruitful, but it is contingent upon the student that which types of study are preferred by him.
Certain people hold the opinion that the daily use of computers results in more detrimental than advantageous effects. Even though I agree with the statement that computers cause damaging effects on health, the positives still outweigh the harmful outcomes.
In the present era the usage of gas and oil is significantly increasing day-to-day.Some people argued that the international community should involve in this critical problem and have to take necessary actions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.According to my opinion, I considered this issue a vital one and I strongly agree for this argument. This essay will discuss the importance of fossil fuel and what necessary actions we can implement to reduce the unnecessary wastage of it.
It is taught by some, that hosting sport competitions such as; the world cup and Olympics can cause issues for the host Country. However, others opine that it is beneficial. I agree with this view. I believe that, hosting will encourage social and economic development.
Worldwide, every government shows more interest in protecting their arts and culture. Some people think that the regime should focus on public services instead of spending on arts, music and theatres. I partially agree with this notion. I do not consider investing in the arts is a waste of money, but improving public services can enhance the county's growth.
Learning processes can vary substantially in terms of methods. While a few learners prefer group studies, others highlight the paramount importance of studying by themselves. From my perspective, learning alone enhances the level of study productivity in comparison to groups.
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A growing number of job holders and pupils are working from residence. This reason is that the technology of a computer is providing the benefits to reach wherever people want; on the other hand, it is less expensive to enter into the mechanical world. I reckon that it is a positive advancement in this modern era.
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