IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

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It is true that some kids are born with inborn talents in the area of sports or arts and with the skills they become famous. There are also kids who reach in better position in music and sports with the huge effort of learning and practicing. In my opinion, it is only with hard work and continue practice, a person can reach in a better position even they have the talent from their birth.
With the invention of technology, the popularity of museums is decreasing. Presently, information about the ancient times are readily available online, therefore, some people believe that there is no need to visit the museum anymore. Though it is true that some of the materials in the galleries can be found on various websites, I completely disagree that ancient showrooms are needless.
The number of visitors who have a visit to art galleries is decreasing in a number of countries. The cause is the fact that people find arts meaningless. However, this problem can be solved by educating citizens about the arts, and reducing the ticket prices of galleries.
More often we can hear that everybody dreaming to buy a place for living to establish homes in. Truthfully, many people believe that living in a house is more beneficial than in the building. The following essay takes a look at both sides of the argument and explain if living in the home have pros against living in the apartment.
Tertiary education is essential for achieving success in life. Students, who get high band scores, usually get a chance to admit in universities, though older students and having a low-mark in school life should also be gotten excess into the higher education. From my perspective, all types of students both youngest with high-mark and adult students with low-grade must have a right to earn knowledge from universities.
In the past, old generation were more contended and fit as they used to participate in more physical pursuits and devote a considerable amount of time to loved ones. On the other hand, nowadays, the youngsters are dealing with isolation and health related issues. This essay will discuss that the excessive usage of the internet and technology is the main reason behind this problem and suggest that having more physical education classes in schools is a viable solution to this issue.
Nowadays, correspondents in each country are covering more bad news rather than good news. However, news reporters should capture plenty of positive news which would have a good influence on citizens. I, holistically, second that the media must focus on selecting good stories due to having a good impact on people.
Newspapers and news channels are the primary tools for obtaining information about what happen around us and in the world. While a number of people believe that a newspaper is the best tool for learning, others claim that media is better than the former for learning purposes. As well as offering my personal opinion, this essay will discuss of these views, and shows why newspapers are ultimately the most effective way to learn about both local and global news compared to TV news.
It is often said that people who work in the entertainment industry such as movie stars, musicians, and sports stars are being overpaid. This essay discusses why I think they are paid too much money and then I will describe other occupations that I think should receive higher salaries.
Everyone faces a tough situation in their life. It is generally believed that it is best to accept that situation, namely unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. While others think that it is better to try and improve that situation. In this essay, I will discuss about the both sides of the argument and give my opinion.
It is often believed by some that the big companies and industries should be moved away from the urban areas and be established in the regional areas. In my opinion, this move will certainly have more advantages than disadvantages as discusses below in the essay.
It is suggested that free health care facilities should be provided in every nation, even though it comes at a price of not being able to facilitate advance medical treatments. In my opinion, I somewhat agree that medical assistance must be accessible to all and other facilities including the inability to provide new-age medical treatments can be ignored.
There is no iota of doubt that, a number of well-known players are doing different types of product advertisements. This phenomenon is offering multifarious benefits to the players. However, sometimes a couple of problems emerge due to the same. In this essay, we will throw some light on the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.
In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over the issue that children ought to read only books with educational importance and reading books for relaxation is a waste of time. A lion's share of the society favours it, however the rest goes adverse it. In my opinion, children should not be restricted to read only certain genre of books because both the pastime and educational books serve the purpose of imparting positive skills in children.
In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over the issue that, with the development of new devices and gadgets, it seems that more and more people are keen on acquiring new hi-tech stuffs. A lion's share of the society favours it, however, the rest goes adverse it. From my point of view, aforementioned act can cause some problems in the industry. The following paragraphs would discuss the reason along with an apt example.
In the salad days of the millennium, the society is polarised into two groups almost equally. Regarding the notion that, whether students should study their courses online or they still have to attend the traditional classes in their own. However, different people have their distinct mindset. In my opinion, I feel that online courses are better than regular classroom courses in many ways. The following paragraphs would shed light on both the approaches before make a final note,
Having a hobby plays an important role in human life. A number of people think that people should choose a difficult hobby if they want to enjoy it. I completely disagree with this view and I believe that the type of the pastime is not important in order to have a sense of joy.
A group of people argue that a successful organization needs resources who has a creative thinking mind and can do task with less dependency. However, a group of people argue that candidates should be able to work as a unit for the development of the company. In my opinion, to expedite the growth of a firm, resources should have both innovation and co-operation mind. The below essay state points for both the views.
A famous adage says “Union is strength”, but the joint family concept has become very uncommon these days, people mostly prefer to live in a nuclear family setup. Some people argue that this is a positive development while others believe in a contrary. In this essay, I will analyse the pros and cons of both the sides and conclude my opinion.
One of the most pressing issues in modern society is a dying sentence for extreme offenders. It is often said that a departure sentence is necessary to keep the security system efficiency in the society, while, others oppose it because this is an unethical judgment. In this easy, I will examine the benefits and downsides of this contentious phenomenon and provide my own perspective which is that any anti-social activity can be reduced only by putting the death sentence.
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