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It is thought by some individuals that, the most effective way to alleviate criminal activity is to hand the culprits a longer prison sentence, while others opined that, other measures to reduce crime abound. This essay will discuss both views and clearly state the reasons why I believe, other productive channels should be considered to ameliorate nefarious acts.
There’s an increasing trend of individuals from various countries getting married later and having lesser number of offsprings. This essay will succinctly explain why financial stability and proper home planning are the reasons why these are rampant.
It is no doubt that the world’s population is significantly increasing day by day. It is said to be the greatest problem encountered by humans today. This is primarily because advances made in medical science and lack of awareness among people. I, however, do not agree that this issue is the greatest at present and there are far more dangerous issues which we should be worried about.
Nowadays, worldwide modern cities are increasingly becoming overpopulated. There are two main causes, better education standards and work opportunities. Possible solutions would be a government plan to standardise curriculum systems and to establish new jobs in rural areas.
Teachers are essential assets of our society, hence there are multiple perspectives to what they are responsible for. It is generally believed by some that teachers are only responsible for directing students academically. On the contrary, many think that teachers are accountable for moulding an individual perspective and compelling them to rights and wrongs in their life. Nevertheless, In this essay I will gauge both perspectives at length and discuss why I believe in the latter one.
Child obesity has become a cause of concern in Australia. Almost, two third of them are now obese. This essay will discuss why I completely disagree that schools should take measures to what their pupils eat.
In this contemporary world, the gender difference is contracting tremendously in recent years. Many latest family includes both senior ones involved in professional sectors, due to which they obtain less period to spend with their children. This essay will highlight a major foundation, and a repercussion caused by this situation.
In the recent days, foreign food items have increased a lot as people today are excited to try different and new eatables. Some of them believe that stocks that are shipped has positive effects on our lives and I completely disagree with this fact. This essay will explain, how imported eatables are affecting the human beings in an unusual manner and give reasons for the same.
Being successful in life is a dream to every one. It is believed by few that working hard and stay in focus is the main features of being successful whereas others feel that there are different elements, which can bring prosperity in life. This essay will delve both the sides of the arguments and draw my opinion.
Nowadays, parents are very unyielding about the necessity of the subjects their children are learning. Some believe that it is an essential course for their child to learn at school, while some are strong in their belief that, the subject is a waste of time. I personally would have a say for both views, respectively. This essay will discuss both the arguments in detail and provide evidence as to why, people debate over the needs of art.
Over the last ten years, because of the rapid growth in technology such as the internet and telecommunication, the mode of learning has seen a shift from traditional classrooms to online education. While many invite the option of digital education, some observe that classroom learning is more effective. This essay will detail on the various positive and negative aspects of learning through digital content.
Nowadays, parents are more concerned about their kid’s education and some thought that activities which are assigned to kids by their academic institutions for their houses are the best way to keep the kids active in their education while others think that they should be given leisure time free from the academic burden at home. I personally think that homework would be a must to do thing in any curriculum of the school as this keeps the child brain active. This essay will analyse this situation using examples of Oxford University research and Time Magazine survey in order to demonstrate points and support claims.
The rapid increase in modernization has been adversely affected the economy, in the sense, that all the stores in local markets and cities are on the urge of obsolete, the reason is, emerging trends of shopping online. Therefore, I completely agree with the statement because once people start trusting the online retailers, they found shopping more convenient and time-saving.
The rapid increase in globalization and modernization had adversely affected the economy, in the sense, that all the stores in local markets and cities are on the urge of obsolete, the reason is, emerging trends of shopping online. I completely agree with the statement because, once people start trusting the online retailers, they found shopping more convenient and time saving.
Many people believe that the garbage produced from houses is not recycled properly. They affirm that the authorities should create new laws in order to obligate people to improve recycling. The question is, why the waste is not enough recycled? In my opinion the waste is not enough recycled, because some people do not know how to do it, and they do not have a place to share old goods. This essay will disagree with this statement.
A system where a child is restricted from going out when it is past certain period of the night except an adult follow them around is practiced in certain parts of the United State of America. In my opinion, because this kind of curfew has its advantages and disadvantages, it should only be implemented with caution after careful consideration is given to its merits and demerits.
It is a view of many people that in order to save nature from emissions, the price of fuel should be increased to minimize the use of cars and motorbikes. I completely agree that imposing taxes or raise the prices of fuel is an optimal solution by promoting other available resources for travelling with minimum carbon footprint to enhance environmental conditions.
Some opine guardians should literate their offsprings about how to be an ideal citizen, whereas others think other places such as school, college and university are the perfect place to learn it. Although education plays a big role to become a good human by practicing discipline in the classroom and respecting teachers, I personally believe parents who make a nation proud by teaching their children about manners and mental development.
Nowadays, sports shows attract many viewers. It is believed that games telecasts on TV brings enthusiasm towards exercise among young people who do not like doing physical activity.I disagree with this notion. Individual interests and the message driven by sports are the cardinal reasons which will be analysed in the before an opinion is drawn in subsequent paragraphs.
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