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Some opine guardians should literate their offsprings about how to be an ideal citizen, whereas others think other places such as school, college and university are the perfect place to learn it. Although education plays a big role to become a good human by practicing discipline in the classroom and respecting teachers, I personally believe parents who make a nation proud by teaching their children about manners and mental development.
The charts give information about the proportion of gains spent on different items in one European nation. We can see two pictures: the first figure refers to a group of people with a low income, opposite to the second one, where they have earned more money.
The charts show the percentage of household income spent on various items by two different group in one European country.

Summerize the information, reporting the main feature and making comparison too.
Nowadays, sports shows attract many viewers. It is believed that games telecasts on TV brings enthusiasm towards exercise among young people who do not like doing physical activity.I disagree with this notion. Individual interests and the message driven by sports are the cardinal reasons which will be analysed in the before an opinion is drawn in subsequent paragraphs.
In this contemplate era, it is often seen that common people who are fans of any popular celebrity try to copy them when they watch these prominent personalities on television or read their articles in magazines or newspapers. There is a plethora of these factors that people tend to achieve their lifestyle. But, this is not admirable thing.
With the growth of aviation, many countries use this mode of transport to export fruit and vegetables to places where they are not in season or cannot be grown. I agree that this a positive development, and in this essay, I will support and explain this view.
More and more individuals are moving forwards to buy branded products because big merchants spent huge amounts in sales and marketing. The main problem this cause is it destroys the local markets and the most viable solution is to promote and give incentives to the small entrepreneurs.
Teenage is the most crucial period of an individual's life, regardless of gender and sometimes it becomes necessary to keep the children under certain boundaries. It is heard that a curfew has been imposed over the teens preventing them to go out alone after a specific time at night unless an adult is with them. In my opinion, this sort of strictness is essential for the well-being and the future of the kids, but it should be up to a certain extent.
Nowadays, young people are living under an increasing stress. Some believe that the major source of pressure is sports competitions. They believe that teenagers should be prevented from taking part in those events. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the statement of banning youth from sports events.
Many people believe that nowadays many global cities have several problems are from increasing car usage. In my point of view, it is hard to concur to such claims. Therefore, in the following paragraphs there are persuasive reasons to discuss this issue in depth.
These days, people have numerous options to select a career and other things. I totally agree with the given statement. This essay will highlight various alternatives that are available for the citizens of a country.
As electronic devices play an increasingly influential role in our lives, it is suggested that there has been an unprecedented decline in the interpersonal connections not only with peers, colleagues and business associates but also with immediate family. I completely agree with this assertion and provide evidence for why face-to-face interaction is deteriorating these days.
Only ministries and big organizations can enhance the ecosystem, citizens cannot do anything. I totally disagree with this view because every taxpayer can participate charity work organized by non-profit foundations as well as they can keep their local community clean and inspire a new generation.
Some people opine that mobile phones should be banned in public places as they are as annoying as smoking. I vehemently disagree with this point of view as, life without mobile phones is unimaginable in the present scenario. This essay will explain in detail the reasons for my disagreement.
Some people believe that talent is genetic, some others feel that it can be achieved through study. Although there are some living examples showing that brain power comes from the family, I personally believe that every human can adapt it by conscious study and learning.
In today’s modern world, some people believe that studying with technology could be a better way to learn. While this may be valid to a certain extent, I think having lectures in an auditorium should be retained as it provides a good learning method.
Museums have long been known as a great place for people to learn more about the history as well as enjoy the mysterious beauty of artefacts. However, there exist several museums that require an amount of money called entrance fees. In my opinion, this action is a two-sided affair having both negative and positive aspects which will be discussed as follows.
The curriculum of schools and colleges paves the way for shaping the future of students. It is a notion that in all levels of institutes, from kindergarten to postgraduate universities, the focus is on memorising facts and historical data. I agree with this opinion because there is no modification in the syllabus of the students for decades, and some administrative jobs require these learning skills which will be explained in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays, There has been a significant increase in the number of machines available and each offering a variety of uses. While it is up to an individual to use it in their home, others may not share the same opinion and would rather perform domestic duties the traditional way. While both of these choices offer some merits, we will look at both viewpoints and discuss the pros and cons.
In today's technologically enhanced era, it is considered by some that latest technical development has improved social etiquette, while there are others with the believe that it has decreased civil communication. In this essay I will portray both the views and present my opinion.
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