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The expansion of modernization has been increasing rapidly, so the television programmes and films nowadays can approach realistically the country at every corner of the word. As the result, some individuals would prefer watching films to absorb messages rather than going to synonymous heritage to learn skills. However, there have been something existing in this materialistic world that TV channels would have never exposed.
In recent years, the expansion of amount of tourism in luxury conurbations has been increasing rapidly day by day. As a result, the issue has become an obstacle which the local executive authorities feel worried about because of the detrimental impacts on local cultures and environments caused by resorting. However, the hindrance is surmountable if tourists can do some precise solutions.
Nowadays, The internet has impacted multiple spheres of human life. It provides us the services which make human life easier. Online shopping is one of the most impactful services which has been made possible by the internet. It has both advantages and disadvantages for individuals and companies.
It is generally observed that in numerous regions, new houses are required, however, the location accessible for making them is in the landscape. Whereas, it is believed by a part of society that it is more crucial to save the environment and not to construct new apartment there. I completely agree with this argument. This essay will discuss the views with relevant examples in subsequent paragraphs.
In the contemporary era, the individual's privacy is being opened up because the newspapers have published every minor detail.Thus, it is often argued that the authority should outlaw the publication of futile information, whereas there still remain some disagreement in this view. From my perspective, the journal should focus on the indispensable news instead of disturbing another person's personal space.This essay will highlight both opinions and also elaborate the need of controlling the irrelevant news.
In the modern world, many people are willing to help disadvantaged people, as these individuals cannot survive without the assistance of the rich and affluent people. However, others feel that there are should not be any assistance, as people should run their livelihood by themselves. Personally, I believe that poor people should be motivated by the authorities.
At present, the fact is acceptable the severe issues of environment cannot be solved by taking the recourse of individualism; whether it is related to a person or a country. Is this an international agenda? Of course, it is. To put in another way, these situations must be considered as the international crisis. I truly believe; that, team efforts and consensus are way more effective than the individual's efforts.
These days, modern people are keen to think that the businessmen should do everything for making the profit. However, others feel that such kinds of methods will not work, as there are many people who are willing to work for the benefit of the society. Personally, I believe that individuals should concentrate on the benefit of the other people. Accordingly, businessmen should not put their own profit above than others.
Over the years, the dichotomy between the upper and the lower class has been on the rise. This essay will explore capitalism and corruption as two major reasons and proffer possible measures to mitigate the situation.
Cop plays a pivotal role to regulate a society. A great deal of individuals holds the assumption that law enforcement service should be posted in his own area as he knows the area very well. However, others oppose the idea and claim that it is redundant and unexpected demand. Posting him in his own city is a harmful idea, although local cognizance has some significances.
People’s attitudes and behaviours have changed drastically in the past decades. While at present we prefer to dispose damaged goods, there was once a time these belongings are kept and repaired for a second use. This essay will discuss why such a behavioural change exists before naming some notable effects of throwing them away, eventually.
The testing of new products on animals is controversial. Some people claim that in view of public safety, it is essential to test these new products on animals. These people also feel that instead of putting human life at risk, it is better for a few animals suffer by untested products. I completely agree with this statement.
Nowadays, money is vital in all kinds of emergencies. However, a few public considered that happiness cannot be found without money. In my opinion, I think that, people can be happy with some money in life and there are some more factors those contributing towards happiness.
In recent decades, many researchers have studied the importance of prison sentences for criminals. Indeed, to my mind, there is now convincing evidence that jails should not be utilized for punishment by authorities. In this essay, I shall examine how research in human rights violation and psychological effects of deterrence supports this view.
Since the inception of life on earth, human beings have been utilizing animals to meet their requirements and this has been a controversial topic. Whilst some opine that it is immoral to do so, I would completely agree with those who deem that this approach is acceptable. This essay will discuss both sides, and explain my belief that it is completely justifiable to use animals.
Transportation is an inevitable part of some people. A great deal of personal cars is available worldwide. The conveniences of owning cars are that becoming vulnerable and reaching institutions on time. However, the prime drawbacks of it may be the traffic gridlock as well as declining demand of public transportation.
Weight and fitness are two significant factors in one's life. A great deal of individuals surpasses their weight limit considerably, which leads them to loss health control. I believe that, unhealthy foods and lacking physical exercise embark the drawbacks. Furthermore, to surmount the challenges, salubrious diets and ample morning walking will be conducive.
The Mobile phones play a vital role in offsprings life. A great of individuals claim that providing Mobile phones for children is a positive idea. However, others oppose the view. I believe that smart device should be opened to infants despite some considerable risks are evident.
Sophisticated technologies are increasing gradually. A number of individuals claim that books, newspapers and magazines will be extinct because of dominance of e-books. However, others view that these types of platforms will ever exist. The essay will subscribe to the opinion that printed multimedia will never be covered by screen reading methods.
In the modern world, many people are reckoned to think that the key element of success is a mental attitude, while others feel that the physical strength and well-being can lead to the prosperity. After pondering this phenomenon, I believe that the balance between the mental well-being and physical training can lead to the success.
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