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In the 21th century, whether the drastic development of technology exerts positive or negative impacts on society has aroused a lot of controversy. While some of the people claim that the Internet has rendered people isolated from the outside world, others believe it has significantly facilitated communication. In my opinion, Internet has undoubtedly helped to fill the communication gap among people.
In these pie charts, it has been illustrated as a way the city of Hertfordshire provided funds to its public libraries for two financial terms.
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It goes without saying that internet is one of the greatest invention in twenty first century and it is significantly improving day by day. Today, internet is generally accepted as a fast communication medium thus,some people believe it can makes the world smaller by reducing the communication gap among us. To a some extent, I agree with the statement because, it can generally be observed that, limited number of drawbacks of the internet are usually overcome by it's advantages in the terms of communication.
We can not imagine how easy it is to keep contact with our friends even we are not living close to each other. Thanks to the development of internet, it is more convenient for us to get in touch with others and we can connect with other parts of the world.
Although internet recently has been awful consequences ,sometimes it becomes vital ,and we need to handle it. It is anyway agreed that the internet is making it easier for the community to communicate whit one another. This will be proven by analyzing in the following paragraphs.
Over the past few decades, technology has grown world-wide tremendously making the lifes of people significantly easier and efficient. Many of us would agree that there is no doubt that it had bought us all together as one, and I too stand to the above mentioned point. This essay would further discuss on its merits.
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