Task 2: Some people say that the Internet is making the world smaller by bringing people together. To what extent do you agree that the internet is making it easier for people to communicate with one another?

In the 21th century, whether the drastic development of technology exerts positive or negative impacts on society has aroused a lot of controversy. While some of the people claim that the Internet has rendered people isolated from the outside world, others believe it has significantly facilitated communication. In my opinion, Internet has undoubtedly helped to fill the communication gap among people. Firstly, thanks to email and social media, transmitting information does not take as much time as it used to do in the past. To be more specific, just 10 years ago, hand-writing was regarded as the main approach of communication in a far distance. As a result, to send a traditional letter between people living in two different cities or countries might take up to months to arrive. However, nowadays, distance is no longer a hindrance of communication. Information can be transmitted in the speed of light by clicking a button. Additionally, video calls which are prevalent in today’s world have made the connection among members of a family or a company who cannot have face-to-face conversations more intimate. Misunderstanding while communicating can also be minimized. Secondly, Internet is assumed to help people broaden their relationship circle. For instance, it is undeniable that cyber world has become more and more popular. Scientific findings have shown that the number of people using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are soaring, including people of all ages; therefore, those who wish to search for someone sharing the same viewpoints are highly likely to find a soulmate via social media. People regardless of gender and religion can discuss one topic together in the virtual world. In conclusion, for all these above reason, Internet has made communication much easier than ever before.
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