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It is universally accepted that children are very delicate and needs some extra care, especially during their early childhood. In today's society, usually both of the parents are working, therefore making time for children is not an easy task for them along with all their professional commitments as well. Therefore, I strongly agree that parents should take childcare training courses these days.
There is no doubt that to be a parent is one of the challenging jobs in the world. In order to accomplish this role, some parents choose to enroll in a parenting class before baby born. Therefore, it is true that a training course prepares a solid foundation for couples to get ready for the next stage of life. There are two following reasons that outline my points.
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Taking care of children is believed to have a crucial role in human civilization. It is questionable that whether all parents need undergoing such a training course to do childcare well. Although I agree with the idea of how significant the childcare is, I completely disagree that training course should be taken by all parental adults.
Children are the core of future generations therefore, parents should take responsibility to nurture society's future citizens.So,they need to be able to raise their juvenile to be a good member of the population.I completely agree with this statement.the reasons will be discussed in the further paragraphs.
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