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Proponents argue that government expenses on repairing historical places should be halted, and that amount must be used in the construction of the city whereas opponents disagree with the above point. In my view of thin
In the modern era, society raises questions regarding spending capital. Some People believe that spending funds on old buildings should not be a focus, as authorities should be more concerned about constructing new roads
In today's contemporary world, an increasing amount of funds have been spent by governments worldwide on the preservation of historical buildings. However, many opponents argue that this trend should be stopped and that
With the rise of post-materialism, bread-and-butter issue has no longer significant for citizens. Hence, based on Maslow's theory, people start to focus on their mental satisfaction, which leads to the demand for restror
Authorities are using public funds for the refurbishment of historical monuments but these projects will not gain any sweet fruit .on the other hand they can use public money for the betterment of the society they may bu
In this concurrent world, it is undoubtedly true that the Government should stop spending on the restoration of old buildings and they should spend the money on housing and road development. Some people concur that autho
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