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Owing to industrialization environmental problems are increasing day by day human beings are responsible for which situation state and individuals take some steps to reduce environmental costs, such as spreading awarenes
There is no iota of doubt about the fact our environment is facing a lot of problems. A large number of people argue that individuals should solve these problems whereas some argue that this is government responsibility.
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These days, we are facing with a diverse amount of the environmental problems cause by humans beeing. However, gorenmnets together with individuals can solve diseas of our planet. This essay will duscuss main problems o
Two of the biggest threats to the environment are air pollution and waste. Gas emissions from factories and exhaust fumes from vehicles lead to global warming, which may have a devastating effect on the planet in the fut
The two major causes of pollution in the environment are air pollution and waste. Emission of gases from factories and exhaust fumes from vehicles are the major culprit. These gases released accumulates in the atmosphere
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