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In recent years, thanks to the continual development of online based technology, humans can use more convenient and useful services for shopping and working as well as communication, instead of direct contact with others. This improvement can bring not only positive impacts but also negative effects on the human’s life.
Looking back, before the boom of technology, there weren't possible to talk with someone on another country or search on internet the meaning of climate change, but as technology started to win the confidence of the population, nowadays is a mechanism that makes our life easier about a lot of situations. Even so, this can make us dependant of this device at time that can affect our relations with the people around us. In accordance with this I consider that internet is an important tool at the point that makes us depends and affect our relationship with our close people.Next I will explain you the reason instead and favour of this statement.
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In the present era, with the advent of the Internet and technology, life has become easier for man on a day to day basis. It has been beneficial both to explore the outside world as well as to interact with it by just sitting at our desks. However, in spite of the innumerable merits provided by this breakthrough, there are certain number of drawbacks that cannot be neglected.
Internet is making everyone lives easier to live. Nowadays, it is more accessible to do online shopping, work, and facetime without going out through social media. Although they can get the advantage of saving schedules for other things, they will also struggle with a lack of understanding while communicating online. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages because people are far better off meeting in person and going out themselves despite the benefits they might gain.
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