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In the earlier times, families used to spend a lot of time together. But presently, it is believed that the family members do not share a closer relationship with each other than they used to share. The reasons for such a change along with some possible suggestions are discussed in forthcoming paragraphs.
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It is a common understanding that the connection between family members has grown weaker than ever. This is due to the emergence of the wave of materialization and globalization, the product of industrialization and the digital age, that alter the intimacy between parents and children with the growing individualistic activities. These problems can be tackled by having the two parties dedicate proper occasion to share together.
At the present time, it is widely acknowledged that the bonds between family members are not so close as they used to be. Parents are no longer the persons their children confide in. In this essay, we will discuss the causes of this tendency and carry out possible solutions for this problem.
Over the last two or three decades, the families bonding have been decreasing an enormously and they do not like to being very close due to many reasons such as technology and migration. There are some possible solutions to solve this issue. This essay will discuss briefly for the following reasons.
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