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In today's century television is popular amongst everyone. It is no more a luxory, but a necessity.In this essay , I will share my viewpoint and examples that would help us understand, how television is one the most important electronic device, which help
In the last few decades, Television has become a common household item in society as one can assess the current affairs and news throughout the world. Rapid globalisation and modernisation are the main contributing factors in the advancement of this tec
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Over the past three decades, television plays a vital role in distributing news, and information, as well as being a friend for entertainment. However, it will become obsolete soon due to the state-of-the-art technology called the smartphone. In this essa
Television has revolutionized the world in many means, as it is one of the essentials without which people cannot survive in the modern world. Additionaly, this revolutionary invention can provide its viewers entertainment, news and public awareness. Desp
In the modern world television is an essential gadget. It is no more be considered as a luxury , but a necessity. The essay is intended to establish with examples, how television has revolutionised the world by becoming one of the most significant electr
There is no denying the fact that watching television is a vital part of one's daily routine. Timing and purpose of viewing migh differ but people spend a reasonable portion of their time watching it.
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