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I am partly agree with the opinion that peoples of the 21st century are living with higher standards compares to those who lived in previous times. We cannot look only into the bright side with various improvements and skip issues that arise recently in our modern world.
The advent of language translator applications has revolutionized the way we communicate. It has enables us to communicate with people irrespective of the language they speak. While there are many who perceive these applications as detrimental, I strongly disagree, in my opinion these applications have destroyed the barrier of language. In this essay we will consider both sides of the argument using examples from research conducted in the US and the UK, to derive a conclusion.
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Some individuals believe that people who live in this century have quality living standards compared to the past centuries. I completely agree with this statement, and in this essay, I will explain the reasons why I agree with it.
People's lives have been a major concern for generations. To amplify, the growing debate has revolved around the term of living criteria. It is completely agreed that folks who are living in this century are receiving greater standards of living than those from previous periods. Analysing the higher salary scales received by people in contemporary lifestyles and the improvements in human awareness in living matters will show.
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