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In the modern era, most of the people cannot affort education and healthcare service due to finacial weekness. Therefor, the debat enhace education and healthcare service should provide with no contribution and also government should support through funding. However, others argue that these services should be payable to reinforcement of nation economy. I am going to discuss both the views before giving my opinion and a valuble sum up.
A healthy and educated society is the backbone of any successful society; however, deciding who is to provide this is a sensitive topic. I strongly believe the government should be held responsible to provide these services for two reasons. Firstly, the entire society benefits, and secondly the whole population are currently paying for the services. However, if one prefers extra services they should be prepared to pay for it themselves.
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Education and health are the two major aspects of human life and through which every individual can achieve success.Some people think that the education and health care facilities should be provided by government at free of cost while others think that citizens should pay these services themselves . I opine that government should provide these facilities. To begin with education is a human basic right . The government should provide free education to the children who are below the poverty line so that they also come forward and show their hard work . In ancient some people said that if you have wealth of study you can achieve everything in your life . If a country is properly educated this will decrease illiteracy rate and remove poverty as well . Education provides various jobs and create social awareness among people . The survey, conducted by the researchers shows that the Canada ministry provide free schooling to the children due to which their literacy rate is increasing day by day. Moreover for betterment of society the ministry should create suitable health care facilities so that people get proper treatment on time .The authority should also provide free health care card and insurance to the elder and poor people so that they cannot suffer .This will help to decrease the death rate.For example the USA authority gives free medical responsibility facilities to the people and decrease their death rate .Sometime people do not have enough amount of the treatment so with the help of free health responsibility facilities we can able to save the lives of many people. To conclude that providing these facilities authority can boost the economy of the country and help to make the society better.
Education and medical facilities are two essential aspects of human life. Without proper training and health care system, no nation can develop.
In today's modern world , Health and education sectors play an important role in economic development. Education and healthcare should be free of cost and bear by the government , or should it be a duty of Public to pay for these services. In my opinion , while education and healthcare be free of charge and funded by the government has its benefits , but I believe that paying for these services should be the responsibility of people .
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