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Some recruiters give more value to a college or university degree than personal attributes and experiences. This essay shall look into the reasons that can be attributed to this phenomenon. In my opinion it is a negative development.
A certain quantity of employers believes that formal academic qualifications are more salient than life experiences and personal qualities. It is my firm belief that it is consequently more on negative development rather than positive.
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Today, some companies pay attention to employers ’academic degrees rather than their life experience or character. I support this idea that can help company boost profits.
In this contemporary era, few employers give more preference to academic knowledge as compared to personal traits and life experience. I believe that this is a negative development. Both academic and personal qualities play an imperative role in getting a good job. University degree just tells about a person's qualifications that an individual acquire the essential ability related to any field. Only philosophy solely does not work, if a person does not have personal experience. University degree just provide a good job, but a good pay gained only with the assistance of abilities. University degree presents a level of insight of any individual which is essential in the realm of the profession. Although education provides a better post, the job needed some skills like how to cope with difficult situations, handling colleague pressure, hard working and diligent towards production which is the key of success. Without skills, job like a race car without powerful engine and personal experience also another approach of getting success. If a man has a practical philosophy regarding a specific field, that somebody can easily get an occupation and bright future. In conclusion, recruiting any new employees is a long and painful process and employers have to focus on each part of the skills which is essential for the job have to keep in mind while choosing new worker.
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