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In recent times, several students from different countries are investing a significant amount of time on extra classes to build their careers. Although it is stated that many individuals believe their children should be enrolled in extra classes after school hours, it is often argued by many that youngsters should spend their time playing and having some physical activities. This essay will demonstrate both the views, though I personally believe that children should spend their time playing after school hours because that will help them to stimulate their brains and also have a career apart from the regular ones.
Undoubtedly children should have a good educational background along with right amount of amusement by playing. According to my point if view, playing is essential than extra classes at this infancy level for overall development. Lets see how the latter outnumber the former along with some examples.
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In the modern days, many parents believe that children should go to additional classes after school. On the other hand, some parents think that their children need to spend that time playing instead. In my opinion, both sides have positive aspects as well as negative sides.
In this contemporary life, children are presented with a number of opportunities to develop themselves comprehensively. While some suggest that students should enhance their academic performance by attending supplementary classes, I side with those who believe that they would reap more benefits from outdoor activities.
Education and extra curricular activities are both essential for students. Some people believe that children should go to extra classes after institution while some people think they should spend second on playing instead. Both views have their own importance and according to my point of view, it all depends on the situation and point, either they should go for spare tuition or spend a moment on physical activities.
People's opinions differ whether the additional classes should be given to children in their free time or instead they must utilise this in sports activities. In this essay, I will discuss both views and provide my opinion while concluding
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