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There is an increasing concern about the effects of globalization. Some believe that globalization surely benefits most countries in different aspects such as economics, education and politics; others, however, argue that it has negative consequences on national identities. In my view, globalization not only boosts economic development but generally has positive effects on national identities.
There are approximately 196 countries in the world, each following their own business strategies and a unique culture. It is the duty of everyone to appreciate and respect their cultural diversity in order to maintain peace and harmony across the globe. Increasing trade and cultural exchange between countries has both advantages and disadvantages. Let me discuss both aspects and conclude with my personal opinion.
When discussing the effects of international business transactions and their influence on the country's nationality, one should bear in mind the complexity of the issue. Although some believe that increasing cultural contacts with outher places in positive, becuase it increases the diversity and accessability of different products to the local market, others believe it leads to the lose of the national identity. In my opinion, international relationships have a negative impact on the local society and should be prevented. In this essay, I will provide examples and arguments to support my opinion.
Nowadays, there is a significant rise in business and cultural relationships across different countries which has it pros and cons. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of development as well as my opinion.
Trade and cultural transactions have become an integral part of the nations.Some feel that such exchanges bring more benefits to the public,whereas there are few who feel that the identity of the individual nation is lost.In my opinion,there are more benefits in terms of increased employment opportunities and there is always an introduction of new art and traditions.This essay will discuss why such networks should be promoted for the betterment of the country on the whole.
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