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I am extremely overwhelmed after receiving your letter regarding the party, which will be held on 25th June 2022. I am also very thankful to you for giving me such an amazing chance to meet newbies and give them small talk. However, unfortunately, my MPh
I would like to thank you that you invited me to attend an event with a new batch of students and I am writing this letter to inform you that it is difficult for me to visit in this party.
I hope this letter finds you in radiant spirit and good health, I am writing this to inform you about my commitment due to which I will not be able to attend the upcoming party in the college.
It was great to hear from you. Thank you so much for inviting me to a party for new students this Saturday. I’d absolutely love to come and give a talk to the students about studying abroad, but unfortunately I’ve already arranged to do something very important that day. I’d like to apologize about not being in this College event.
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