Some say that rich countries should help poor countries with food and education. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your experience

Nowadays poor nations need support of the well developed countries, so that government of poor countries can provide all the basic necessities of the lives to their citizens. In poor countries the most basic issues are poverty, nutrition, uneducated people, unemployment and commerce. I totally in favor of this topic and will share my views about it. Richest countries are strong enough to provide the basic facilities to the poor nations. For example, Africa is one of the developing country, the people of that country don’t have proper health facilities, employment and trade. The government of that country seek help from richest country and due to this that nation has improved now. Although, there is not good health facilities are available, unemployment and poverty is even present but it has been changed a lot if we compare it with past. Furthermore, richest countries provide loans to that poor countries if needed; so the government can plan new strategies how to improve their country’s economy. Moreover, it is very important for a country who borrow a sum of money from a richest countries they should have to return it on time because, they will gain trust from them and if any problem will initiate they will be always there to help. In my opinion, if richest countries are providing support to the poor nations, then it is a very big opportunity for that nations to improve their economy and provide better facilities to their citizens
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