IELTS Writing Samples Band 3.5

To avoid criminality CCTV cameras used in city centers. It helps to identify criminals and serves as a crime detector, however it destroys personal privacy of citizens. In my opinion, advantages for public safety overweights its difficulties for any humankind privacy.
A highly controversial issue relates today to whether to parents collaborate in their juvenile school activities or not.
Because, children spend much more time at their homes and tend to follow the habits of their parents, the home is the best place to teach this important value.
Many people believe that adolescents have to take part in an unpaid work to support the neighborhood in their leisure time. Young adults can gain a lot of skills as well as cater their community. But from my perspective I don’t totally agree with this idea because of couple of reasons below:
How are you? Hope you are in good health as soon you receive my letter. I have a good news for you since I received your letter that you are looking for job. Actually, one of our branch will open two months from now and I think you will be interested in applying.
How are you? Hope you are in good health as soon you receive my letter. I have a good news for you since I received your letter that you are looking for job. Actually, one of our branch will open two months from now and I think you will be interested in applying.
Some would argue that books has more wieghtage than the physical activity. In my opinion,although education can be the sign of rewarding career, one's atheletic talent should be held in higher esteem.
No doubt, with the advent of new transportation services rise in traffic ,problems are noted.Some say that one of the best ways to solve this issue is to encourage people to move from the countryside to big cities, this not only going to help them but also going to solve matters related to traffic and transportation. Well, I agree with this statement as it's not only going to aid our environment but also going to save a lot of energy, time and money as well.
In my opinion, I felt that people in their early twenties might not have the experience in handling a stable marriage and financial wealth due to their young age without capital savings as they might not be able to support their children and themselves without it. In return, they will be unhappy throughout their lives having insufficient capital in their savings. At a young age in their twenties, they might be lacking work and life exposure which might have lots of problems when coming to terms with providing for their family such as baby essential needs, housing rental, renovation and marriage commitment. In contrast, people in their thirties might have developed sufficient experiences in the later stage which enables them to earn higher income and providing a better life for their children. Moreover, with higher income in salary motivates them to be emotionally satisfied in life and to do well in the future. In conclusion, people in their thirties have developed gradually to achieve financial status and generally do well in life to benefit society.
Undoubtedly, the teaching curriculum is an essential part to score in the finals instead of extracurricular activities . But I don't support this idea completely, to eliminate these skills such as culinary and grooming. Thus , I partially agree with this statement and will explain it in the paragraph given below.
Well, nobody can expect when and where they can get burglarized. Many a times people avoid outing because they are afraid of being loot , however, these activities happening indoor nowadays. I have come up with some possible ideas that can eliminate this risk to some extent .
Globalization had changed everything, and educational field hadn't been untouched. In earlier times, students used to receive their education in home countries , whereas now, students prefer to study overseas. Undoubtedly, this trend has more advantages than disadvantages.
Some people consider that throughout educational journey, from lower to higher levels, facts are emphasised more as compared to developing practical skills. However, I am of the opinion that having strong theoretical knowledge has a great significance in a variety of ways.
Business owners increase their funding by using different techniques.Many institutions put a plenty amount of money on advertisement and even make discount for some products to attract the consumer. The products with low cost shows that this method is the most appropriate way to rise the salary.
Pursuing hobbies is a great way to unwind ourselves and make oneself creative. Very less number of people around the world have that zeal to follow their hobbies nowadays. In below essay, we will discuss in detail the reasons behind this change of attitude and the consequences of it.
It's believed that students who got an education and worked abroad, will make it possible to collaborate better between different countries. From my point of view, this thesis is quite practical and there are some reasons why.
In these time , some people prefer to have their own business more than having a job . It is happend becuse they did not find appropriate work for themselves or even dot want to restrict with a work.
In recent years, the past of the house and building in some areas draws more and more interest from people who live in. This essay is going to find out some possible reasons for increasing interest in searching building history and methods for digging historical information. First of all, some people are extremely superstitious in the past of their homes. These kinds of people are not curious but afraid of those unknown things. For example, there was someone suicide in the house or a serious fire accident that happened before a new buyer buy it. Although these accidents do not affect the house itself after a reconstruction, most of the public still believe that these will bring about unfortunate matters to those who live in it.