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The given images illustrate three distinct types of overpasses, namely arch, concrete girder and suspension.
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graph illustrates a comparison between the closure of shops and opening of new shops from 2011 to 2018.
The table compares the five highest ranking countries in terms of the numbers of visits and the
Some guardians argue that playing computer games and watching TV should be done less, instead it should be replaced by reading books. I personally don't think it's a good idea.
now is called as an era of fiercely competitive society therefore, several pupils would like to get as highest qualification as they could. There are 2 different causes that the one is percentages of competitions are more necessary than the past for being hired, another one is due to get the opportunities.
Nowadays it's a trend that students work while they are studying at college or university.And the result they could not concentrate on their education.In this , an essay I am discussing some causes of this problem and suggest solutions.
It's been for ages that we never meet since two years a go that I came to visiting you in Japan. And it was wonderful experience that I would never forget. Well, now is your turn to come to visiting me, I am so happy that finally you have a time to go holiday, here in Bali and I am sure you'll be happy.
Many people think that children use most of their time in days for mobile phones and otherdifferent electronic devices. For several reasons, this obvious a negative developmet.
I would argue that the old and young workers are two indispensable parts of a productive company, as they respectively provide solutions and vitality to the workplace.
In able to acquire medical services from health care professionals and hospitals, it will cost a patient his an entire fortune to pay for the bills. Therefore, a few people reckon that everybody must receive free of charge treatment, whereas certain individuals think these payments should be covered by patients. This essay will shed light on both viewpoints and will be followed by an opinion.
The populations of cityside are extremely wider than rural areas. Some people choose to reside at urban place. whereas, others prefer to stay in the village side. I strongly believe that the urban localities have added advantages than others. This essay will discuss both views and highlight opinions.
Today’s life has several choices compared to the past, as the world today has become one country and almost speaks one Language called a technology language, life became much easier and faster with several options and facilities, in this essay we are going to reveal the truth about today’s choices.
The life expectancy of older people has increased over the past few decades due to advanced technology in science.owing to this, many individuals opine that older poeple should continue to indulge in work field rather than taking resting at their home i completely agree with this notion and related information will be articulated in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Undoubtedly, in today world, advertisements becomes important part of humankind which effects them in different ways. In this essay we will discuss numerous good a well as bad impcts if advertisements.
I am so glad that you're coming to Karachi next week, as it seems ages since we last saw each other. I hope your family and your girlfriend are all well. I actually have a favour to ask you, and I hope you don't mind. The fact is that i need a few things from my parents' house, and I would be grateful if you could bring them along in your suitcase.
Vaccinating children has become increasingly unpopular among certain demographics of society. These people claim that vaccinations are hazardous to children's health and as such are not needed. This essay will argue why Vaccinating against spreadable diseases is entirely necessary despite some potential risks.
developing a tourism industry has made an assist to the English language to be the main popular speaking language all over the world. Some individuals are of belief that this phenomenon will contribute to having English the only international language which is spoken between nations which has some plus points and drawbacks for a number of rationals.
Recently,the football World Cup has aroused people’s widespread attention attracting many tourists from the world.Some people suggest the international sporting occasions are good opportunities for people to ease international tensions and release patriotic emotions.In this essay,I will argue why I agree with it.
Nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements that surround us. Some society think that businesses always show their products to people from new side. From my point of view, it doesn`t have any of disadvantages. Conversely, it provides a new abilities of certain product. It is actually the positive development.
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