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There is a debate concerning about nuclear technology whether its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Although some people might think that the nuclear power can be dangerous to human being, I would argue that it can be useful in recent world.
The pie charts illustrate how six distinct courses were registered percentage-wise in a rural educational college in the United Kingdom in the years 2010 to 2012.
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The line graph illustrates the fish and three kinds of meat that a person consumed weekly in a particular European country over the period of 25 years.
Nowadays school provides education in both ways online and offline. They give full opportunity to students to choose any method of learning. However, a face-to-face study is cheaper than learning at home. I completely disagree with this statement. The main factors are mentioned in the next paragraph.
Nowadays, We have been seeing that people are becoming busier than ever before in developed countries. Consequently many of them may not have enough time in which they can make food. So they prefer to grab something to eat from the nearby restaurants. In this essay I'm going to discuss if this habit has advantages or disadvantages based on my opinion.
Due to the advancement of technology, many people are able to work at other places instead of their office, some people think that it is not beneficial while this essay believes that its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.
Many countries are looking forward for an opportunity to host a international sporting event in their country. Some people believe that it is an ideal situation to show the world it's qualities while some believe these events are mainly large unjustifiable expenses.In this essay, firstly I will discuss the opportunities and secondly i will mention the cons of hosting a international sporting event as i partially agree with both proponents and opponents.
Nowadays, computers are getting much more popular, so that people can not live without them. It can be thought that adults are using computers more than children, but it is not the truth. Unfortunatly, people are getting addicted to technology and it is not as good.
The table illustrates the three different types of publications including books, novels and magazines in one of the local bookshops in the UK for January 2010. The figures are divided into two groups which are sales to non-members and members.
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Many people and experts believe that expanding public transportation, like busses and subways is one of government's essential duties. As a result, government investment in public transport systems and reductions in public transport prices will help to reduce transport pollution greatly. I firmly agree with this idea and in this essay I will discuss my reasons.
The bar chart illustrates the percentages of divorce rates in Finland and Sweden for the period 2011 to 2015.
More and more parents are allowing their kids to play on computers and tablets because they believe it will help their kids develop their technological literacy. Children do need to keep up with the trends, but there are more drawbacks, in my opinion.
There is an argument between the viewpoints of whether we need social welfare to support unemployed people or not. In my opinion, this issue is related to the social system of a country, and there is a third way to combine the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems.
Nowadays, some countries take a different approach to punishing people such as they sent minor criminals to community service centres where they serve people. Others believe that all criminals should send to prison for their crimes. I personally believe that sending minor criminals for community service will be beneficial for the government and the criminals themselves.
Advertisement is the lifeline for a business to establish its new products in the market. I would like to discuss the impact of advertising for the new product and simaltensouly pros and cons for the same. I strongly believe in the positive development of advertising.
The supplied table displays the population in Australia by nationality while the pie chart shows the population of various nations by area.
The maps illustrate Paradise Island, which was modernized over the time period.
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The charts illustrate the proportions of the different purposes of water used in six countries in the world.
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