Inventors are not as important to society as doctors. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Provide reasons for your answer. Include relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays, we can see science everywhere around us. New inventions make the lives of the people easier. On other hand doctors are really important persons for us. Doctors are the person who help us to get well when we become sick. They save our lives. In my opinion, inventions and doctors are incomparable both have different roles in our lives. Lots of inventions have become very important part of our lives. For example, aero planes by which we can travel and reach to other countries earlier as compare to another means of transportation. Computers which are the most amazing invention. We are totally now become dependent on computers, it has lots of benefits and is useful in many ways. In offices, shopping malls, schools and homes, people use computers to save lots of data, documents, calculations and doing assignments. Furthermore, smart phones are also one of the most important inventions for peoples. People found it more convenient for them in carrying as well as lots of applications are available due to which they can contact with their family, relatives and friends. Moreover, there are lots of things that are invented by inventors that had made house work also easy for example, home appliances, washing machines, refrigerators etc. On other hand doctors are most knowledgeable persons that can treat different diseases. Doctors study a lot and always want to get rid of illness from a patient. If there will be no doctors then nobody can protect the sick people and mortality rate increase extremely. There are lots of procedures also done to protect the lives. Doctors perform different screening and diagnose disease properly. In conclusion, both have different roles and values in our lives, without doctor’s human beings cannot survive healthy or we can say that no one can be there to protect from illnesses. Obviously, without inventors new inventions cannot take place and there would be no new unique discovery people would be able to see.
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