Money should be spent on creating new buildings rather than renovating the existing ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays people are living in modern era and they want to live a luxurious life. Government of every country want to make their country beautiful, so after some period of time, some countries prefer to renovate old buildings and some evacuate old building and built new modern buildings. I am agree with this statement and will discuss my view: Most countries have people those belong to different status, culture, traditions and languages but all people have equal rights and they must have to live according to laws and regulations. Every person of the country want live in a neat and clean environment and mostly people prefer to live in a new buildings. New buildings have lots of benefits like, new architecture, spacious rooms, centralized air conditioner or may be some didn’t have it and better drainage system. People those who are living in old buildings they have to suffer from many problems like, bad drainage system, small rooms, lack of cleanliness and house bugs. In some cases the structure of the old buildings are in such a bad condition that it can’t stand firmly and such kind of buildings are really dangerous for peoples. More over new buildings would be attractive to many of the peoples. It also attract the tourists because of unique architecture, it would be good for the economy of a country. Peoples are always attracted by natural beauty as well as good architecture. No doubt government have to spend doubled amount to build new buildings but it would make the country more modern. To sum up, for the growth of a country economy it is better to build new buildings as old building in the city centers would not work out to attract people and also dangerous if it is unstable.
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