Modern technology, such as personal computers and the Internet, have made it possible for many people to do their work from home at least part of the time instead of going to an office every day. What are some advantages and disadvantages of this situation?

In our rapidly developing milieu, workers have merited access to work at home through the contemporary technology. That significant advance has fomented to an intense discussion, which advocates its pros and divulges its cons. This essay will highlight both sides and draw logical conclusion. Perhaps the only acknowledged drawback is that, this trend may impinge directly on professional responsibility. In the big picture, people tend to behave desultorily, if they do not be under managers’ pressure. For instance, watching TV or entertainment can appeal to them and they will not be able to accomplish their given tasks on time, which possesses a negative impact upon flourishing of the organization. From another prospective, thereby couple of benefits can be availed people. Firstly, this facilitation could be aid in allocation of time of staff via not to allow them squander their time on commuting to work and that saved extra time can be invested in other crucial affairs. Furthermore, fares can be saved in behalf of workers, as well, which possess cumulative effect on the people’s budget. To illustrate that, daily routine of worker can be a perfect example, it comprise early mornings and long-term commuting to work and this is not convenient for human beings, that problems, however, can be easily addressed through this approach. Secondly, this is a prevalence merit for the workforces in goliaths, such as Apple or Google, not only because of its compactness but also because of its positive influence on workers’ productivity, as well. To elucidate more lucidly this can be said that, people, who have sense of satisfaction, are inclined to work with more effort and zero in on their work. It is could be by the virtue of that, if they had nothing to be anxious, then they can concentrate well. Therefore, the genuine recipient from that incentive is likely the organization of that staffs. To finish up, after careful consideration of both of sides, this situation can be contemplated as a positive or negative advance according to point of view persona.
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